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    Are you looking for expert retaining wall builders in Mornington Peninsula? Perhaps you are searching for the best retaining wall contractors to create futuristic designs for your property. Total Retaining Wall Mornington Peninsula can help you achieve the dream. We create retaining walls that are both decorative and functional. We bring a luxuriating feel to your home through retaining walls that are beautiful and durable. Our prices are very competitive. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project.

    Who are we?

    We are retaining wall experts that are passionate about beautifying properties right across Melbourne. Each project is an opportunity to melt another heart with gladness as we transform their property into a dream home. Our retaining walls are custom-built to create the sort-after feeling of owning a property in the Mornington Peninsula.

    We serve both residential and commercial properties. Our simplified onboarding process enables us to be your go-to retaining wall builders for all your retaining wall construction and maintenance projects. Our prices are competitive, supported by high-quality customer service. We have become dependable retaining walls specialists Melbourne residents trust. If you are searching for reputable “retaining contractors near me”, simply contact us!

    Why build a Retaining Wall?

    Usually, large rock retaining walls are built in areas that require additional support to retain the soil or foundations from moving. Here are some of the reasons why homeowners build a retaining wall their properties:

    There may be different reasons for building a retaining wall on your property. Whether it’s functional, or for decorative purposes, our retaining wall experts can combine both strength and amazing design to make your home inviting.

    What is the most cost-effective Retaining Wall?

    The landscaping retaining wall cost varies from one property to another due to various factors that include those listed below:

    • Type of soil – if there are loose soils, that requires building a special retaining wall that is stable and may increase the costs. 
    • Location – if the site is not accessible by a certain type of machinery, that may increase the costs since more labour is required to work on the project site. 
    • Type of designs – some designs cost more to create compared to others.
    • Type of materials used – in general, pinewood sleepers are cheaper compared to concrete retaining wall blocks and rock retaining walls. Usually, durable materials cost more compared to others. Below are the costs of different types of materials used in building retaining walls:
    1. Treated pinewood sleepers – it is the most affordable type of retaining wall. However, it does not last long compared to other types of materials.
    2. Hardwood sleepers – it has a longer lifespan and costs more compared to treated Pinewood sleepers.
    3. Concrete sleepers – these are available in different colour variations and their costs may change depending on whether you use galvanized steel or concrete posts.
    4. Sandstone – it has a natural sandstone appearance and is generally easy to work with. 
    5. Interlocking concrete blocks – they are available in different shapes and sizes and have different costs too.

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    Types of Retaining Walls?

    Gravity Retaining Walls

    These types of retaining walls rely on their weight for withstanding the lateral pressure of the earth. They are suitable for use in situations where you need to retain a mass of soil from behind. This is an ideal option for homeowners with properties that are situated on a hill. Gravity retaining walls give you the freedom to turn your outdoors into a paradise. Some of the possible benefits of gravity retaining walls include:

    • They can be built in tight spaces
    • They are durable
    • They are easy to install because their blocks require no mortar and minimal labour

    Reinforced Retaining Walls

    These types of retaining walls are built using retaining wall engineering methods to increase their tensile strength. The weight of the backfill can affect the stability of the wall, causing it to overturn. Reinforcing a retaining wall increases its stability, and helps to withstand the lateral forces. This prevents it from sliding or overturning. The strength of the wall is determined by the type of material used to build it. Reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry are quite common.

    Sheet Piling Retaining Walls

    In the construction industry, sheet piling retaining walls are used for temporary and permanent walls. It is used for retaining the soil after a site has been excavated. It acts as a border between the soil and the structure. They are very useful when construction is taking place in tight spaces so that the excavation does not weaken the structure. Some of the uses of sheet Piling Retaining Walls include:

    • Protecting foundations against water damage
    • It also prevents flooding to properties situated near shorelines
    • These may improve the stability and strength of the basements

    Anchored Retaining Walls

    These are retaining walls that are supported by anchors or dead weight. The anchors are pinned at the top and bottom of the wall. Pressurised concrete is inserted into the anchor, where it expands and forms a bulb in the ground, which firmly holds the wall.

    Segmental Retaining Walls

    They are meant to be used as gravity retaining walls. They can be built with or without reinforcement. Their design makes them suitable for both straight and curved surfaces. Segmental retaining walls comprise mainly of individual units that interlock. The retaining wall can be built without mortar. The segmental retaining wall units are available in different sizes, colour and texture which gives you unlimited options for creating spectacular designs.

    Panel Retaining Walls

    Panel retaining walls uses precast concrete panels for building a retaining wall. This type of wall is suitable especially in tight spaces with limited access. These may be used in areas that are near heavy loads. The panels can be custom-designed to create a unique finishing that blends well with the surroundings.

    Gabion Mesh Retaining Walls

    This type of retaining wall is built using galvanized meshes - also called gabion baskets. The meshes are filled with stones and tied. Apart from being used as retaining walls, gabion mesh retaining walls are also suitable for decorative purposes. These retaining walls can be used to create amazing designs for your property and outdoor surroundings. They are also used in areas that have high amounts of water, and in places where erosion is a major concern, e.g. riverbanks. Their lifespan is determined by the strength of the gabion mesh holding the stones together, and most importantly, by the expertise of the retaining wall builders.

    Rendered Retaining Walls

    Rendering walls may help to create a perfect finishing to your existing retaining wall. This may be a better way to make your retaining wall blend well with your surroundings, and restore structural integrity to your property. Total Retaining Walls Mornington Peninsula can render your existing walls and make your home inviting. We love the creative process that goes into landscaping Mornington Peninsula homes.

      Concrete Block Retaining walls

      There are three basic types of concrete retaining walls which are:
      Retaining walls Mornington Peninsula are retaining wall experts who can transform an ordinary outdoor space into an astonishing landscape. Whether it’s concrete sleeper retaining walls, anchored retaining walls, custom rendered retaining walls or rock retaining walls Mornington Peninsula homeowners love, we help you achieve your goals. Call us today,

      Rock Retaining Wall Mornington Peninsula

      A rock retaining wall is used to hold or retain a mass of soil. Large rocks or boulders are used to construct a rock retaining wall. The rocks are carefully placed on each other to form a wall that is stable and durable. Retaining wall engineering is necessary for building a rock wall that is both beautiful and stable. Total Retaining Wall Mornington Peninsula are experts in building rock retaining walls for all purposes, whether decorative, purely functional, or a combination of both. Whether you are in Balnarring, Dromana, Finders, Hastings or Red Hill, g et in touch with us to discuss your project’s requirements.

      What are the different types of rock retaining walls?

      There are many types of rock retaining walls that include:

      • Natural stone masonry retaining wall
      • Ashlar masonry retaining wall
      • Gabion masonry retaining wall
      • Rubble masonry retaining wall
      What are the costs of building a rock retaining wall?

      In general, a rock retaining wall costs more than treated pine retaining wall and concrete sleepers retaining walls. The landscaping retaining wall costs will also depend on the type of materials used as well as the type of wall. We have affordable prices to suit your budget. Find out more! 

      What are the costs of building a rock retaining wall?

      Rock retaining walls are both attractive and durable. If well constructed, the wall lasts between 50 and 100 years. They require minimum maintenance costs, which makes them ideal for long-term investment in your property.

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        Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

        These are constructed from concrete retaining wall blocks and can be reinforced to increase their strength and stability. A concrete retaining wall is suitable for any type of design, which makes them easy to use for making home improvements. Our team of expert retaining wall builders use retaining wall engineering to create walls that have charming designs and are stable.

        How much does a concrete sleeper retaining wall cost?

        A concrete sleepers retaining wall is generally cheaper than a rock retaining wall, and more preferred over treated pine retaining walls because of their long lifespan. The retaining wall is strong and requires less maintenance which could save you more on long-term maintenance costs. We have affordable landscaping retaining wall costs.

        How long does a concrete sleeper retaining wall last?

        If well-built, a concrete retaining wall may last for decades before needing maintenance. On average, the wall lasts between 50 and 100 years before requiring maintenance. If it is reinforced, the lifespan increases adding durability which makes the project cost-effective.

        A concrete retaining wall is built to last.

        WE ARE THE retaining wall experts

        We keep you informed of the progress to maintain the positive atmosphere while we are on site. Talk to us today!

        Have a question?

        Before you start your retaining wall building project, always ensure that your retaining wall project complies with the council regulations. A permit from your local council is necessary if:

        • The zone of influence has a surcharge loading. Surcharge loading is the vertical pressure that is exerted on an area. The zone of influence is an area easily affected by loads.
        • The height of the wall is above 1m
        • The wall is less than 1.5m closer to the retaining wall or other buildings


        When applying for project approval from the local council, ensure that you include the architect drawings by a certified engineer or architect. We can help you with the application process. Simply contact us today.

        The costs of building a retaining wall vary from one property to another due to various factors that include:

        • Type of materials used
        • The accessibility of the project site
        • Local weather conditions
        • The type of soil found on your property

        Total Retaining Wall Mornington Peninsula has affordable prices that suit your budget. Call us today to discuss the project in detail.

        If your wall is higher than 1m or less than 1.5m closer to the wall, you need a certified engineer for your project. Also, working with an engineer may help you build a wall that is both stable and beautiful. We have experts to handle your projects from the design stage until the retaining wall is completed. Our aim is to leave your outdoors aesthetics vibrant and fully transformed. We incorporate your imagination into each design to create an astonishing work on your property.